Asylum Access Thailand


Asylum Access (AA), a California nonprofit public benefit corporation under the law of the State of California, having its principal office at 115-1/2 Bartlett Street, San Francisco CA 94110. AA is a non-profit organization with the objectives of making refugee rights a reality through the provision of legal information and advice to refugees, as well as, by promoting and encouraging human rights for refugees. In collaboration with HRDF, AA intends to establish a branch office in Thailand (AAT)to facilitate the following activities, in accordance with the objectives of AA:

I.Providing legal advice and counseling to refugees applying for refugee status with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (“UNHCR”);

II.When necessary, pursuing opportunities to improve policies and practices of UNHCR to ensure the support and protection of refugees’ human rights;

III.Capacity building through seminars and professional training programs, to support and improve local knowledge and understanding of the refugee status determination; and to raise awareness of the importance and necessity of support and protection for human rights of refugees through the entire refugee status determination process;

IV.Developing AA as an organization in Thailand and to raise public awareness of AA as an entity that focuses on the human rights of refugees;

V.Joining local networks in monitoring regulations concerning human rights’ principles within the country, and where possible, advocating regulations that comply with human rights’ principles.

Address: 56/9 Inthamara Soi 35, Suthisarnwinichai Road,

Dindaeng, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

Tel: (+662) 691 9231


E-mail: [email protected]